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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 16, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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i feel like we've lost him. >> tonight at abc 7 news at 6:00, a heart warming family after thieves steal something irreplaceable. it's a block party at oracle as they wait for a defense win. highlights and action coming up. plus. >> how wonderful the warriors have been to our family. >> the team rallies behind a cancer family that's had a difficult time. abc 76:00 starts now. >> announcer: live where you live this is abc 7 news. >> a soggy sunday, that's today will lead into a dry monday. don't get used to the spring sunshine just yet. good evening. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. many woke up to the wet weather.
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in some places it kept coming down on all day. it poured on anyone outside this afternoon. a live look now from the abc 7 roof cam, it's still soggy out there, but a break in the rain is coming and we're calling it a break in the rain. here's meteorologist trew tuma. >> we're still tracking showers on doppler 7. let's get you down the street where the showers are occurring at this hour, around santa rosa, guerneville, along the coast in bodega bay. even light turn around campbell, south bay, a couple turns inland in livermore. we'll be dealing with light showers on and off through the evening. keeping a 1 on the storm impact scale. it will be less than a tenth of an inch of rain. and it will be breeze i. as one storm exits tonight, a next storm is brewing out in the pacific. we'll talk about when that arrives, how much rain to expect, and finally some much
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brighter and warmer weather coming up in the full accuweather forecast. eric? >> thank you, drew. we have live doppler 7 opt app and you can get push alert advisories on your phone or tablet. a young woman died after falling from a balcony at cal's campus on dwight way and college avenue. 21-year-old kimberly from he will being grove likely fell from a third story balcony. she died later at the hospital. she's a student at cal, active in a sorority. police are investigating. a mechanical problem on a unite the airplane on a flight to hawaii, they had to turn around just after take off from sfo this morning. a issue was to blame. the passengers were booked on another plane which should be landing in hawaii now. san francisco police took a teenager into custody after he
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threatened suicide and attacked two officers trying to subdue him. officers were called at an apartment at 26th and caps streets after receiving reports of a teenager breaking a window. the teen fought with officers hurting two of them before he was detained. the injured officers will be okay. the teen was taken to the hospital for treatment. police now say they arrested 23 people at yesterday's trump rally in berkeley. trump supporters followed people who were protesting the rally. 11 people were hurt including a person who was stabbed. officers tried to control the crowd but had little success. investigators are viewing video and social media posts to pursue arrests. a north carolina mother and daughter visiting san francisco are relieved after police reunited them with their loved one's stolen ashes. someone broke into their rental car the day before at fisherman's wharf. melanie spoke with them. she's in the newsroom. >> reporter: the family no
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longer plan to spread joe wilkinson's ashes here. they'll take the remains home to north carolina after what has been an emotionally exhaustive visit with an ending they prayed for. >> there is no words to describe the joy and the overwhelming love i have in my heart for having him in my hands and having him back with us. >> reporter: she is clutching her father's ashes after losing him a second time. joe wilkinson died from a heart attack nearly eight months ago. wednesday she and her mom arrived in san francisco. one of joe's favorite cities. they planned to spread his ashes. but in the time they parked in a fesher man's wharf graduating for their room to be ready, someone broke into their rental car trunk, stealing a wallet, suitcase and joe's remains. >> it's a person. it's like robbing a grave. >> reporter: she called police. dispatchers told them to fill out an online report, even after
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they explained what was stolen. they then called reporters. after we contacted s.f.p.d. thursday, officers met with the women at the garage to conduct a thorough investigation. saturday julia says they received a call. >> they told us someone had turned him in to one of the under cover officers. >> reporter: the family is deeply grateful and hopeful their story might help someone else. >> in the future, if somebody calls with a situation like this, i would hope they would listen a little more attentively. >> reporter: through it all julia said she never lost faith in love. >> call it whatever you want, universe, spirit, god, i don't know, it is what it is, but it's a powerful force. >> reporter: she says in the end she believes her father found his way back to them. in san francico, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> people in menlo park are seeing major progress on the construction of a new downtown
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fire station. the fire protection district shared this picture with us. it shows the steel frame and the walls beginning to go up. last month they shared drone video of the project on oak grove avenue and hoover street. rain delayed the work by about two months. it's still on track to be finished by the end of the year, though. draymond green was a beast today as the warriors claimed a big game one victory against the portland trail blazers. fans at oracle saw an incredible performance, but it was especially meaningful for one family. abc 7 news sergio is live with the story. sergio? >> reporter: eric, no doubt most fans are happy with the end result of this game. there is one fan in particular who is overjoyed even before the game started. this is one of the first games that a 10-year-old has been able to come to ever since he had a very rare surgery to help him walk again. game one of the nba playoffs means tudubs fans are here from
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all over the place. these fans from seattle. what do your friends think of this? >> they know i'm insane. this is no shock this them. >> last year we were priced out. we're here from san diego. we're excited. >> reporter: 10-year-old chris is from sacramento he and his family got the vip treatment before the game started. you've been court side before, right? >> no. >> reporter: chris was diagnosed with bone cancer a few years ago and had his f rue moved. my colleague lyanne melendez recently profiled him and the rare procedure he got called rotationplasty. you'll notice his foot has been rotated and reattached to what's left ofis upper leg. >> it acts totally as a knee. the amazing thing is the muscles of the calf which then become the front muscles of the thigh are more or less in tune with working at the right time. they have to adapt a little bit. >> reporter: over the last couple of years, the warriors organization has taken a special interest in chris. he got to watch his favorite
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player steph encurry warm up before the game. but they met a couple years ago. >> a practice in 2015 for the warriors and steven curry gave me his jersey. >> reporter: this was a special treat for the whole family and it goes beyond sitting court side for the pregame. >> on top of that how wonderful the warriors have been to our family while we were going through a difficult time. it's a happy day to be here. >> i think the warriors will win. >> reporter: the dubs did win in more ways than one. at oracle arena, sergio, abc 7. >> larry beil is in the house with highlights coming up. as north korea tries to show off its military might, the lawmakers and the president looked to china for a solution. and. >> e.j. is hundreds of days
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xfinity. the future of awesome. president trump is spending easter at his mar-a-lago estate where he's been relatively quiet so far about north korea's failed missile launch this morning. the launch comes after a week of growing tensions with the communist country and as the vice-president is now in south
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korea for a ten-day asian tour. abc news reporter david wright has the story from palm beach, florida. >> reporter: president trump attended church easter sunday in palm beach. his vice-president, thousands of miles away, at a service in south korea. just hours earlier, north korea's new missile launch failed. u.s. commanders say it blew up almost immediately after lifting off from the launch pad near sinpo. >> we shouldn't be gloating i about a failed launch because it does show us that they have a determination to eventually perfect a long-range nuclear missile capability. >> reporter: pence was briefed aboard air force 2 after landing, the vice-president addressed u.s. troops stationed just a few miles away. >> this morning's provocation from the north is just the latest reminder of the risks each one of you face every day. >> reporter: abc news was granted unprecedented access to a u.s. defense base near the
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dmz. >> we are always training at that level to be able to fight because we don't know when that is going to come. >> reporter: our own martha raddatz got an exclusive look at a top secret facility where officials monitor the north's missile launches and nuclear tests lawmakers in washington are pushing for a diplomatic solution with china as a key partner. >> they can stop this if they want to because of their control over the north korean economy. >> china now receives 80% of the imports of north korea. they are virtually the only ally that north korea has. >> reporter: president trump seems to agree, tweeting this morning, why would i call china a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the north korea problem? for now the u.s. is not expected to respond militarily unless there is another more serious provocation. david wright, abc news, palm beach. >> the rain is expected to ease up tonight but it won't be gone
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people around the bay area woke up early today to celebrate easter sunday. abc 7 news was at glide memorial church in san francisco where thousands par took in the easter feast and celebration. people from the community joined glide's sunrise celebration, ate breakfast and later had a chicken lunch put together by a team of volunteers. abc 7 news was also at redwood city where kids wasted no time seeking out coveted easter eggs in the easter egg hunt. everyone from the neighborhood was welcome to the annual event and some kids took the challenge of finding eggs very seriously. >> five, six, seven, eight, nine. >> just for the record here, caleb brought home 19 eggs and he's really proud of that.
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>> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with trew tuma. >> the heaviest of the rain is pushing to our east but we're still left over with scattered showers to contend with for the evening. live doppler showing green on the screen. let's go in tighter, show you where the rain is falling at this hour. along the peninsula, some light rain falling around redwood city, approaching palo alto at this hour, falling at wood side currently. we'll take you inland. a scattering of some very light showers around pleasanton and livermore to the south and east of sunol. into the north bay, steadier rain around jenner, bodega bay, santa rosa. this is going to be the theme at least the next three to four hours. scattered light showers in nature. while it' raining here, take a look at tahoe, a live look. they are getting some fresh powder this evening. not a lot of snow, two to 3 inches, but still they are adding onto a record year of snow fall across the region. outside right now it's on the chilly side. today temperatures barely got
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out of the 50s. this is some 10 degrees below normal for this time of year. 57 in san jose right now, we're holding at 51 in santa rosa with light rain, 54 antioch, and oakland right now checking in at 57 degrees. storm impact scale still using it for this evening, light scattered showers a 1 on the storm impact scale. additional rainfall very minimal, less than a tenth of an inch of rain and it will be breezy at times. hour by hour we go to future weather, 8:00 this evening a peppering of light showers out there. as we approach midnight, the showers really just fall apart. what we're left over with is a lot of cloud cover to start off your monday. so, overnight tonight here's the call. cloudy skies, temperatures dropping about five degrees from where we are now. 51 in richmond, 49 in san francisco, 51? napa, antioch dropping to 49 degrees. storm system, tail about to enter our region right on the heels of this one. here's our next storm system already making its approach right now and this one will
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arrive very early in the morning on tuesday. so, tomorrow is kind of a day of transition in between two storm systems. a lot of cloud cover left over by 7:00, we still have some damp roads. but the showers are over. throughout the day you'll miss a lot of clouds, limited sunshine, but it will be a warmer afternoon tomorrow by some five to ten degrees. so good news there. then the storm impact scale comes back on tuesday morning, light storm, light showers, less than a quarter of an inch of rain. future weather as we get you into tuesday morning, 3:00 in the morning, here are the light showers moving through, some still around for the tuesday morning commute. but watch what happens tuesday afternoon. the storm system is out of here and sunshine will return. the accuweather seven-day forecast, next seven days out there, tomorrow a lot of cloud cover but a warmer day out there. i'd say sprinkle after dark as the storm arrives early tuesday morning. it's rain to sunshine, and then we'll see a lot of clouds wednesday to thursday with
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another light system moving through, and then friday and saturday and next weekend looking bright, looking warm and temperatures going above normal. >> wow. >> yes. >> more rain. >> more rain but warmth on the way. >> thank you. >> announcer: now abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening and happy easter. it was kind of a stressful easter for three quarters at oracle arena. the warriors battled portland trail blazers in a one off match up. it was going to be easy for golden state. game one was anything but easy. warriors had kevin dure ain't. five weeks removed or longer, he was out with the knee injury. came out dunking and hitting three's. 32 points for kevin durant with ten rebounds. blazers, i tell you what, they were unstoppable. damian and c.j. mccolumn, they come byard for 48 of the team's 56 points in the first half. mccullum went for 41.
7:22 pm
56 apiece at the half. third quarter back and forth, back and forth, 22 lead changes. steph scoop to the hoop my darling. he finished with 29. erratic from three-point range. hit only three from distance. draymond green, turning away lillard at the rim, 19 points, 12 boards, nine assists, three steals and five blocks. can one man do anything more than draymond green did? well, durant helps put it way in the fourth quarter. taking the opener 121-109. here's more from mike shumann. >> the warriors grabbed the all important game one beating portland despite 75 points from damian lillard and c.j. mccullum. warriors had 61 of their own. >> some of them you have to live with. we played great defense. they were able to finish. over the course of 48, chargers wear them down. >> when you have a swat, that's
7:23 pm
usually the weak side. at the rim it's mano a mano, man against man. who is going to win the battle? to win that battle is just the difference. >> take it from these guys to keep us on our toes. it's not going to be easy. the playoffs, everybody is play. we have to come out wednesday and get another one. >> they're playing with house money. it's a different deal than being the one seed. we know how good they are. they're going to come out and let it fly. we have to be ready. >> reporting at oracle, mike shumann abc 7 sports. >> more playoff action, isaiah thomas playing with a heavy heart. his sister died in a car crash yesterday. still playing in this game. thomas 15 points in the first half. celtics were down two at the break, and thomas doing all co-for the season, this one, went for it, 33 points. but jimmy butler had 30 for chicago and the eighth seed scores the upset in the series opener, 106-102 over boston. game one hawks and wizards in
7:24 pm
the east, this is how eric thomas gets ready for every newscast, bangz out 50, 60, then sits down and reads. john walton 32 points. it's easy. that's the way i do it. this will be with authority. and in your face and all that. wizards take game 114-107. on to baseball, game was postponed due to rain. they'll make it up as a double header on the 9th. playing in the rain after the series finale with the rockies, out at at&t, the ponchos on, dancing, having a good time until the third pitch, anyway. rockies lead off black man, high deep and jeff had problems. giving up the home runs. palo alto was up 3-0, but the sharp got it out. bottom of the first giants come back to tie it up. brandon crawford triples, and you can see the field is all soaked in rain. but people were happy.
7:25 pm
bottom 6, two out, man on, crawford with the soft grounder, nice play by tony walters. 4 and 7 on his birthday as the giants manager. the giants fall by a score of 4-3. game two of the warriors/blazers series will be on wednesday at oracle. >> have the workout again. >> you're absolutely right except for the push ups. >> thanks, larry. fast and furious is
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00 over on coffee tv 20, a happen inending to a 10-month journey home for these bay area dogs. at 11:00 on abc 7, latest on the rising tensions along the korean peninsula. vice-president pence just derived in the dnz, demilitarized zone. the largest worldwide opening of all-time, the fate of the furious is the eighth movie in the franchise. it earned more than $532 million in u.s. and overseas.
7:29 pm
that's 3 million more than "star wars" the force awake ens which did not debut in china the same weekend. the last few days furious took in $90 million in china, that's a record for the country. they earned about 100 million in the u.s.. the boss baby, beauty and the beast, smurfs, the lost village, going in style, top five. more than mr. beale has in his pocket. >> vin diesel and the rock will do well with that movie. >> they will. that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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>> this week on "matter of fact. ," kennedy family secrets about addiction and oppression. >> addiction is addiction. soledad: how many times were you in rehab? >> a dozen times. soledad: could patrick kennedy's struggle help someone you love? plus, a soccer team called the boo geez, short for refugees. >> they come with one suitcase. >> what can these children from warring nations teach us about getting along? and -- >> this is the trump era. >> the white house says it will cut funds to sanctuary cities, protecting the undocumented. why this mayor calls the tactic in same. soledad: i am so led data o'brien, and this is --


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